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They're so pleasant and wholesome.

when Pikachu pulls out his shiv, I love my shit.

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You should really finish this an advertise it as music for a fighting or space shooter game. It's really competently made and has a clear mix. I mean if I was killing aliens and this was playing in the background, this would get me pretty pumped. Nice work.

Sundans responds:

Haha, thank you! :)

I really think you should continue to make music and let yourself get better because I see a lot of potential here. Your sounds are really nice. You asked for constructive criticism, and the only thing I can say needs improvement is some of the volumes on your tracks. The punchiness of your beat is there. Maybe another rundown through your mixer tracks would make this song sound really spectacular. However, there isn't any reason why you couldn't drop this in a club and get people dancing. Especially when the beat goes halftime. That shit is sick.

Sundans responds:

Thank you! I do intend to continue producing. I will certainly review the mixing of the track and try to improve the levels. Thank you! :)

I think the melody you went with fits the style very nicely. If I'm being honest, I don't really listen to a lot of house and dance, but I think you layered your synths pretty well here. Some advice I would give you here is to maybe turn down some of your leads and risers. The kick is getting buried by the of synthesizers you've got going on. All you need to do here is level it differently and then I think it'll really sound weighty. I think the mixdown is pretty solid though. Nice melodies. Really positive and euphoric, as well as varied. Good song!

Ectisity responds:

Hey! Thx for the review :D. I'm glad you liked it even though you don't listen to this kind of music that much. The layering of the synths is probably the thing I worked the most on with this track. Got 7+ layers on the main lead alone plus another 3 layers on the progression, 3 bass layers and 5 kick layers so the xact that you didn't think it ended up all messy helps alot :).

As for the kick, I know what you mean. It's probably the sweep that is drowning the kick so just need to turn it a bit down.

Used 15 hours in total on the mixing(even though I was using a mixing template from a previous song of mine), so I'm glad you liked the mixdown :D.

Thx for the reviw :D. Helps alot every review helps me improve including this one so Thx alot :D!


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I'm really glad it happened.

That's pretty metal. You're amazing.

The grey here is beautiful. Would make a room look really nice if hung on a wall.

I make obnoxious dance music, direct film, create art, animate, write songs, play bass, drink coffee, have arguments, love science, edit movies, watch chris chan videos, watch kitten videos, love comedy, listen to death metal, and enjoy ethanol.

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